Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association


Halal Auditor


Job Description

1. Facilitate matters related to the association.
2. Assist manufacturers in obtaining halal certification, including the evaluation of applications and supporting documentation.
3. Evaluate and confirm that all stages of product production and handling adhere to halal standards.
4. Collaborate with clients, suppliers, and relevant stakeholders to address halal-related queries and concerns.
5. Remain informed about updates in halal regulations, industry developments, and recommended approaches.

Job Requirements

1. Fluent in Indonesian and English.
2. Majored in Food Science/Chemistry/Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Science.
3. Completed SJPH Training.
4. Having a Halal Auditor Certificate is a plus.

About Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

The leading authority for halal certification in Taiwan that integrate the halal certification service teams of various units in Taiwan and adopt a unified certification standard and system in order to provide better services. In 2023, they collaborated with Family Mart to create Muslim-friendly products. The association is actively involved in international halal certification affairs and has been recognized by prominent organizations such as JAKIM, MUIS, and BPJPH.

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