Walsin Lihwa Corp.


About Walsin Lihwa Corp.

Walsin Lihwa Corporation, established in 1966, is not only the leading manufacturer of wire & cable, stainless steel, and resources business in the Greater China region but also a leading real estate developer across the Taiwan Strait.

Job Vacancies

• International Affairs Administrator

• Financial and Accounting Administrator

International Affairs Administrator

Job Description

1、Assist in overseeing and managing the daily operations of overseas offices, ensuring smooth business operations.
2、Assist in managing the office-related expense, ensuring the rational allocation and utilization of resources.
3、Assist in preparing materials for business meetings, grasp meeting topics to ensure objectives are met.
4、Warmly receive foreign guests, and present a professional image of the company.
5、Able to plan busisness trips and assist the supervisor in making travel arrangements, ensuring everything can be efficient and smooth.

Job Requirements

1、Bachelor’s degree
2、Good at Microsoft Office
3、Fluent english
4、Communication and interpersonal skills

Financial and Accounting Administrator

Job Description

1、Daily financial progress operation tracking and control.
2、Internal control of financial operation procedures and audit of accounts.
3、Progress tracking and control of various financial projects in each Operating Unit (OU), such as tax audits, audit reports, etc.
4、Administrative tasks including recording of meetings and translation of documents.

Job Requirements

1、Bachelor’s degree, department of Financial and Accounting
2、At least 3 years of relevant experience in finance and accounting
3、Fluent chinese