About MyTaiwanTour

MyTaiwanTour facilitates travel to and around beautiful island. They’ve got a user-friendly website that lets user craft entire itinerary online, a dedicated office staff who’ll have every aspect of user journey planned out before even left home, and a crack team of expert guides who love connecting visitors with the tradition, cuisine, culture and people of Taiwan. They do 45+ planned tours weekly, and curate private customized tours.

Indonesian and Malaysian

Travel Planner


Job Description

1) Understand the needs of tourists from all over the world,including Taiwan, providing Taiwan tourism consultation and personalized itinerary planning services.
2) Handle travel itinerary orders from various Online Travel Agent
3) Provide personalized travel planning services, quotation, customer relationship management, and handle customer inquiries.
4) Assist tour leader and tour guide handover documents, as well as follow-up communication and assistance in handling emergency situations
5) Understand and maintain relationships with various product suppliers ( hotel , activities, etc)
6) Developing potential local travel components and applications
7) Available to depart for tour scheduling depending on task requirements ( including evening shifts or holidays shifts)
8) Appropriate bonus and incentives policies

Job Requirements

1 )Indonesian citizen, fluent in Chinese and English.
2 )Malaysian citizen, fluent in Chinese and English.