Formosan Naruwan Hotel Group Taitung

About Formosan Naruwan Hotel Group Taitung

NARUWAN~ means welcoming you in the aboriginal language. It is as cordial and warm as the Aloha of Hawaii, welcoming travelers and making them feel at home. The LOGO looks like a river gathering, no matter how it turns over, it stays true to its meaning. It symbolizes that travelers from all directions gather here, and its shape resembles feathers. Guests who look forward to staying in are as relaxed and comfortable as feathers. The colors are adopted. The sharp contrast of orange and green, whichever is the homophonic “Geely”, wishes every guest and passing friend auspicious and smooth. The exterior of Naruwan Hotel was designed by an Italian and Japanese architectural design team. The exterior of the building adopts an oblique back shape, which has become a landmark of Taitung City.

本地籍生 外籍生 都可以


Full Time, Intern

Job Description

都是為客人服務工作 , 除了房務員不用直接面對客人 , 其他都要面對客人

Job Requirements

本地籍生 ‘ 外籍生 都 可以

Additional Benefits

■可提供簡單住宿,酌收1,100元/水電費用另計 元
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