Commitment to Empower Indonesian Talent in Taiwan

MOU Signing with Indonesian Influencers

CrossBond and CBtalent is officially partnering with Jason Wijaya, an outstanding Indonesian influencer in Taiwan.

Jason might be so familiar among the Indonesian in Taiwan as he has 22.8k followers on TikTok and 5k+ loyal followers on IG. Known for spreading positivity, Jason has cultivated a tight-knit bond with his audience. As a foreigner in Taiwan, Jason’s journey involves graduating and working here, giving him a unique international perspective. He understands the barriers, ups, and downs faced by foreign talents in Taiwan. At CrossBond and CBtalent, we’re committed to supporting exceptional talents, and we believe that Jason’s experience and influence will not only benefit us but also contribute to the growth and success of the entire Indonesian community here in Taiwan.

Welcome aboard, Jason! Together, let’s empower and uplift the foreign talent community in Taiwan!

2023 CrossBond Spring Party


Jason at 2023 CrossBond Spring Party