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KOL Radar – SaaS Team (Influencer Search Platform Sales) 

Full Time

Job Description

iKala 2024 Business Talent Training Program is officially launched! During the one-year training program, in addition to business-related training courses, we also provide cross-departmental learning resources. Upon completion of the training, there will be opportunities to compete for overseas MBA scholarships, allowing you to establish yourself in Taiwan and have a global perspective.

This position will undergo group interviews
■ First-round interview: Expected on May 14, 2024
■ Second-round interview: Expected on May 23, 2024
■ Reporting date: July 1, 2024 (will be unified after acceptance)
Welcome ambitious individuals to join iKala and ride the AI rocket together!

During the one-year training program, you will learn and be responsible for:
1. Understanding all functionalities of the KOL Radar platform, assisting enterprise clients in product trials, providing relevant feature suggestions, and troubleshooting.
2. Understanding the demand of influencer marketing market and how SaaS platforms optimize marketing planning and implementation.
3. Deep collaboration with the product team, providing market feedback on influencer platforms, and assisting in product optimization.
4. Understanding client needs through cold outreach and existing client development, selling platform subscription plans, and achieving personal quarterly performance targets.
5. Occasionally participating in media discussions to share influencer marketing platforms and applications.
6. Assisting in influencer marketing digital transformation.

Job Requirements

1. Basic understanding of the influencer marketing industry, able to grasp industry trends.
2. Ability to sell products in a data-driven manner, with willingness to collaborate in a team environment.
3. Actively participating in work, passionate about startups, and embracing challenges.
4. Highly interested in SaaS platforms and B2B sales.
5. Preferably with 1 year or more of sales experience (in media or influencer marketing).
6. Proficiency in English/Japanese is a plus.

Additional Benefits

1.Professional Training Under the guidance of mid to senior-level executives, sales professionals will develop strategic thinking and professional skills through cross-departmental learning.
2.Career Advancement Path Those who meet expectations will have the opportunity to be promoted to senior sales professionals during the training period, with simultaneous adjustments to salary. After passing the one-year training assessment, promotion to Assistant Manager/Manager level based on performance during the training period and assessment results, with applicable sales bonus schemes.
3.Overseas Learning We provide a NT$2 million overseas MBA scholarship for those who pass the training assessment, with the opportunity to apply after two years of service!

About iKala

iKala is a leading AI transformation solutions provider from Taiwan, with a mission to “enable AI competencies” of enterprises by providing AI-driven cloud management and MarTech solutions, to optimize their operational efficiency and increase customer engagement. iKala’s solutions and SaaS products are available in 7 countries, enabling over 1,000 enterprises and top-tier brands, including Fortune 500 companies, to transform their business! Join iKala to be The Super Sales in the AI technology industry!

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