Full Time & Part Time & Internship

Job Description

1.Responsible for internal and external communication and progress control of new projects in Southeast Asia.
2.Develop processes for performance and strategic planning of products.
3.Other daily operational tasks.

Job Requirements

1.Demonstrated ability in executing 0 to 1 projects and problem-solving.
2.Strong sensitivity to numbers and ability to interpret data analysis.
3.Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate with external vendors.
4.High resilience, positive personality; passionate about the international market and a sense of ownership in work attitude.
5.Indonesian, fluent in 3 languages, etc.


EZTABLE is the Asia-leading provider of 24 hour online reservation service for premium restaurants. We not only provide the convenient online service to customers, but also empower restaurant managers with analytical data on customer behaviors, so they can improve accordingly to deliver superior hospitality and personal dining experiences. Simply put, EZTABLE is the best communication platform between customers and restaurants. Moreover, EZTABLE is an e-commerce platform offering various value-added voucher deals for customers. We work with restaurant partners to come up with the best up-selling voucher plans, which is data-driven by our analytics supports, and leverages customer demand for the restaurants and build true loyalty. We create the most valuable situation for both restaurants and customers. EZTABLE is a constantly evolving company; In only one year, we improved our reservation count by 50%. We are ambitious and work to build relations expand our presence throughout Taiwan, Indonesia and more Asian regions.

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