Oversea Media Partner Development Intern


Job Description

The Business Development Team at L-RMN is pivotal in fostering strategic, revenue-generating partnerships for both Avivid and our network affiliates. As a part of this team, you will collaborate with local and international media as well as retail enterprises, aiding them in leveraging first-party data to fortify their Client Data Platforms (CDP) and expand their online/offline advertising networks. Your role will involve creating customized RMN solutions for our valued partners.

Job Requirements

1. Majoring in marketing or management related, or possess relevant experience in job-related school clubs.
2. Independent thinker and story teller
3. Native in Thai
4. Fluent in Chinese


1. Department Banquet
2. Coffee Machine
3. Birthday Celebration
4. Snacks and Drinks

About AviviD

AviviD is a leading Asian provider of AI marketing tools, dedicated to streamlining marketing processes and effectively amplifying marketing results across various industries. With a decade of expertise, we specialize in content recommendation engines for e-commerce and digital media. In 2023, we introduced a new product, LRMN, becoming Taiwan’s largest retail media marketing network. We are the first-choice brand in creating enterprise RMN solutions.

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